How to protect your skin this Summer

How to protect your skin this Summer

6th June 2019 Off By admin

The summer is finally here and many of us are looking forward to our summer holidays. Please remember that this is the most important time to look after your skin so please think carefully about the products you are using when it comes to sun protection.

All year round we invest in protecting our skin. Many of us use expensive face creams or pay for beauty treatments to keep our skin hydrated. We also exfoliate, use serums, apply day and night cream and use foundation with SPF. However, when the time finally comes for our holiday we somehow forget and often end up buying the cheapest suncare products we can find. Some people invest in body cream with a decent SPF protection but not many of us think of a special sun cream for our faces (the one thing we spend a small fortune on all year round).

The skin on our face is thin and permanently exposed during those hot sunny days and this is exactly the time when we need to protect our face as much as possible because those few days can cause permanent damage. I am delighted to offer a solution and share the information about a Germaine de Capuccini Award winning product. They offer a whole line of body sun protection creams with SPF 15 as well as 50. In addition, they have the Advanced Anti-Ageing Emulsion CC SPF50. It’s a light, silky CC cream to hide imperfections whilst providing advanced anti-ageing sun protection for the face.

Main Benefits

  • Protects & repairs the stem cells. (Vital for skin renewal)
  • Corrects & prevents the appearance of sun dark spots
  • Highest UVA & UVB protection to European standard
  • Packed with anti-oxidants to repair damaged skin
  • Safely stimulates and prolongs the tanning process

Key Ingredients

  • STM-Cell Sun Prevention: An exclusive complex stimulates the self-defence and self-repair mechanisms of Stem Cell. Therefore their capacity to repair and regenerate is not diminished, slowing down the ageing process. Dark spots are prevented, and those that are there are corrected.
  • Pro-tanning Active: a powerful natural photoprotector with antioxidising properties.
  • The latest generation of UVA and UVB sunscreens: Offer the highest possible protection.

This amazing CC cream has a light tint and suits all skin tones. I think it’s a must have for your beach bag this Summer. If you have any questions, please get in touch. Happy holidays!

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