Male Grooming body sugaring and waxing in Maidenhead berkshire

Gentlemen, time to get yourself groomed professionally!

Whether it is for social or sexual reasons, today’s man keeps up with his grooming regime more than ever, and we women are very appreciative of the results!

Hair removal plays a predominant role in this factor. Men of all ages, sizes, sexual orientations, ethnic backgrounds, and professions are getting rid of excess and unwanted body hair. Male grooming is much more than just back and chest and goes way beyond a stylish cut. It is about tidying up loose ends by taking care of the nose stragglers, monkey ears, cheek strays or shaggy necklines. It is really about the finished package.

Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring is a safe, gentle and effective solution to hair removal. Professional Body Sugaring offers numerous unique and diverse benefits. The most important advantages are very fundamental:

  • the sugar paste extracts hair in its natural direction of growth and eliminates discomfort and irritation
  • eliminates breakage and ingrown hairs while exfoliating dry skin cells
  • longer re-growth time between treatments

Body Sugaring is less painful, natural, faster and needs to be done less frequently than wax!

After the treatment you will be pampered by a special mask – Hungarian Wellness Mud which detoxifies the follicles and revitalizes your skin.


Back, Shoulders, Top of Arms £38
Chest £35
Arms £38
Legs £45
Neck £10
Nose £10
Ears £10
Face £15

No intimate areas, sorry guys.

Be prepared that your first treatment may well take a bit longer than regular visits and depending on the amount of your hair you might be charged an hourly rate (time spent on the couch) of £40/hour.

Forget waxing, go for SUGAR!
Sugaring is the sweetest way to remove unwanted body hair

Every man absolutely should have their nose hair removed, and getting them sugared by a professional sugaring practitioner is a great solution. The technique used in professional sugaring treatments for grooming nose hair only gently removes the hair exposed at the tip of the nostrils keeping intact the hair needed for filtering. Nose hairs are there for a much needed purpose. Removing nose hairs with wax on a stick by pushing it up the nostrils and then pulling it out can potentially put clients at risk of infection, particularly of the throat and lungs. Nose hairs block against dirt and pollutants from entering the breathing tract as hair in the nose is the body’s first line in defence against pathogens such as germs, fungus, and spores. This is why an educated practitioner will eliminate only some nose hairs when grooming.

Although many people associate hair on the ears with age, a therapist can tell you that it is not exclusive to their more mature male clients. Whatever the cause for little monkey ears, grooming them makes it much more inviting to nibble.

Men’s neck clean ups are a dream. Instead of trying to use a neck trimmer for the guy who wants the clean edge look everyday this service saves time and looks clean and fresh and let’s not forget the new growth comes in soft, so no more prickly neck.

Please follow the Before and After Treatment advice.