Laser Hair Removal Testimonials

Below are just some of the positive comments and testimonials received from clients.

Have tried many way to get rid my dark thick hair over the last couple of decades – shaving, waxing, first generation lasering, no-no – none of which were particularly pleasant or effective. Then I found Lucie when preparing for a last minute holiday, that was 6 years ago and I have not gone anywhere else since. Initially we dealt with it all via sugaring which I found less painful that waxing and more effective but it was time consuming. More recently I have undertaken a course of next generation laser removal and the results have been amazing – 20% reduction on the first visit alone and super speedy, any pain you do feel is fleeting. So far it is looking like a good investment and I am really happy with the results – I’d highly recommend it and Lucie -trust no one else!
FawziaFebruary 2018
Lucie performed laser hair removal on my lip. The results are amazing! I am Iranian so am blessed and cursed with dark hair 🙂 I never thought that I would be able to go several months without worrying about it! Lucie is so knowledgable about the treatment and gave me all the information I needed. She is also such a lovely person, you really become friends! Im so happy I decided to get it done. I cannot comprehend how I used to put up with waxing every week!
Sophia November 2018
Lucie is fab, I discovered her about 15 months ago! She is definitely the best beautician I have found for hair removal and wish that I had found her years ago. She is so friendly and also does a fantastic job, very thorough, not one hair missed! I did have sugaring but now she has a laser machine I am doing that. I had laser about 20 years ago on my legs and it has lasted since. Now I am getting my other areas done! Last year I tried IPL (which was useless). Lucie’s laser machine is definitely a good one as in just 1 session I saw results. So it absolutely works. The prices are good too. She also still sugars my eyebrows and does a great job. 5 stars!!
LucyJanuary 2018