Is body hair bothering your child?

Is body hair bothering your child?

28th April 2018 Off By admin

A subject that is close to my heart is hair removal for teenagers and even pre-teens. I am often asked if body sugaring can be done on children and the answer is absolutely yes! As it’s a totally natural recipe made of sugar, lemon and water, there are no harsh chemicals that can damage young, sensitive skin.

The appearance of body hair, under the arms, on the legs and in the pubic area, is one of the first signs of puberty. Some children may have body hair as young as seven or eight. But what does a parent do if they have a pre-teen who is worried about their body hair? It is very common for young girls (and boys) to dislike their body hair and want to remove it. Sadly, many pre-teens are teased at school about their body hair, especially when getting changed for PE, or they are worried that they will be teased soon.

However modern-minded you are, and however much we all know that body hair is natural and not something to worry about, we also know how important it is for our children not to feel ‘different’. So, try to see things from your child’s point of view. What it comes down to is that if it’s bothering her (and it usually is girls in this situation) then you need to address it. A brisk “it doesn’t matter” probably isn’t the right response.

By the same token, if body hair isn’t bothering your child, the best thing is to ignore it unless they raise it as an issue. So don’t rush in as soon as you see the first wisps in your daughter’s armpits: it’s something you need to help her with only when she feels it’s an issue, although you might need to be on the lookout for signs of self-consciousness.

If you have both decided that hair removal is needed, body sugaring is an absolutely natural technique which nourishes the skin and leaves it softer, healthier and smoother. The sugar paste gently exfoliates only the dead skin cells and sticks to the hair to be removed, so the procedure is less painful compared to waxing. The hairs are removed with the roots, so the results last longer and your hair grows back finer. Unlike shaving, there are no painful ingrowing hairs. You can find out more about body sugaring and what to expect on my previous blog.

I’ve been delighted to help a number of children, putting them at ease and making them feel comfortable. The parents always stay in my beauty room too, so they can offer their words of comfort. It’s been an absolute pleasure to help some young ladies to gain back their confidence and to give them one less thing to worry about. If you’d like to book an appointment over the Easter holidays then please get in touch.