Need some help getting ready for the Christmas party?

Need some help getting ready for the Christmas party?

3rd December 2018 Off By admin

Little Black Dress season is upon us again! Are going to a Christmas party this year? A study commissioned by Clothes Show Live revealed that the average British woman spends a staggering 23 hours on hair and beauty getting ready for the office Christmas party! The research showed that the festive occasion is the most important event in the female social calendar, ahead of friends’ weddings, dates and even New Year’s Eve parties.


I’d love to help you get ready and feel your best this party season and here are my top tips:

Body Sugaring
Beautiful smooth skin is an essential accessory for that party dress but timing is everything. I recommend sugaring a few days before the party. Most people think of their legs, but don’t forget underarms and your face, especially eyebrows. A list of my prices can be found here:

If you do find a stray hair in your eyebrows on the day of the party, then lay a clean, hot facecloth over it to loosen the follicle. This makes the stray hair easier to pluck without leaving a nasty red mark.

With all of that Christmas shopping, card writing and gift wrapping to do, avoid turning up to the party looking exhausted by allowing yourself some “me-time” a few days before the Christmas party. Book in for one of my luxury facials and come and relax in my new beauty room. I promise you will go away feeling wonderful! A good facial will also give your skin…

A Natural Glow
Now is not the time to upset your beauty regime with new and unpredictable products at home. Instead aim for beautiful skin from within. Drinking two litres of water every day will flush out skin-sapping toxins and give you a natural glow. Water drunk at room temperature is thought to balance the chemicals and minerals in the face. Exfoliate but don’t go overboard. Once or twice a week is plenty for luminous skin.  I have a range of Germaine de Capuccini skin products, so please discuss your skincare requirements with me.

Smoother Skin
Don’t let lumps or bumps or put you off wearing your party frock – there’s still time to streamline your silhouette without hitting the gym (although of course any extra time spent in the gym will help!). Using a body scrub every second day will help you shape up in the shower. As well as stimulating circulation and drainage a good scrub instantly brightens skin and helps party season products such as cellulite cream, fake tan and moisturiser absorb more easily. I can recommend a lovely Tropic Body Scrub, made from totally natural ingredients.

You can also try a blast of cold water over the thighs and bottom at the end of a shower to shock and tighten muscles for a firmer appearance.

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of your Christmas party beauty regime, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to help you get glamorous and feel fabulous! Above all, have a wonderful time and enjoy all of the festivities!