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Below are just some of the positive comments and testimonials received from clients.

Lucie is amazing. She is so friendly, personable, gentle and caring. She has a beautifully decorated modern studio. I always look forward to catching up with her. Sugar waxing is so much less painful than regular waxing and has fantastic results. 1000% recommended!
Ann, October 2017

Lucia is gentle and friendly, her room and equipment are top class and her hair removal by sugaring is superior to waxing and unique in this area. I would highly recommend her services.
Barry, September 2017

One of the warmest and welcoming ladies I’ve ever met – Professional, quick and with amazing results. Wish I had only come across you sooner! xx
Rachel, May 2017

I have been looking for a sugaring treatment for ages and I feel sorry I haven’t found Lucie earlier – the best hair removal you can get! Lucie is very skilled and friendly, will make you feel completely at ease with the procedure and you will not want to go anywhere else once you try her. 100% recommended!!!
Eva, April 2017

Lucie is very professional and such a lovely genuine lady and I would highly recommend Lucie ……I love my treatments that I have with her.
Dena, April 2017

Lucie was recommended to me by friends and I’ve not looked back! She is an incredible beautician, skilled, with a lovely nature. Always the professional, now I’ve been to L & A Evolution, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Leila, November 2016

Lucie is most friendly and makes you feel at is, very professional. Would highly recommend, great results with sugaring.
Sezin, Hollyport, January, 2016

Lucie is not only a fantastic therapist,but a really lovely person who makes you feel at ease.
Melanie, Maidenhead, March 2015

Beautiful: I strongly recommend using L&A for what is a warmth, comfortable and welcoming service. Set in such a calm environment you instantly feel relaxed. Lucie is so nice and makes you feel relaxed always. Very well informed I felt completely at ease and I will be coming back here again, thank you so much.
Michaelj, Caversham, February 2015

Thank you so much to Lucie for my great treatments yesterday. It was my first visit to L&A Evolution and I will definitely be coming back in September. Lovely salon and so professional. Thanks Lucie. Liz xx
Liz L, Maidehead, August 2014

You will not find a friendlier lady than Lucie. Sugaring is wonderful and so less painful than waxing. She is the best beauty therapist I have ever used.
Jan H, Bracknell, February 2014

GIVE SUGARING A TRY!!!! You won’t be disappointed! For many years now I have had a Hollywood wax. I had never heard of sugaring before, but thought I would give it ago.I was so happy with the results I have switched from waxing to sugaring and go back to Lucie every 4-6 weeks. Sugaring removes all the hair from the root (I found that sometimes waxing leaves a few strays)

Lucie is offers a very professorial service and adapts to ‘you’ the client, for example if you are pregnant she can adapt her service to accommodation your needs.
Give it ago, it’s worth a try!!!!
Zofia, Maidenhead, January 2013

Sugaring – amazing results! I am really happy with my chest and back sugaring. I’ve been going for waxing for years and tried sugaring through L&A Evolution for the first time 6 months ago. It was much better in terms of how your skin feels afterwards and longer lasting results. Very happy with sugaring from L&A Evolution!
Keith, Maidenhead, 2012

Leg wax – Very happy to recommend. Excellent service and very reasonable
Sharonn S, Bourne End, May 2012

Sugaring!!!! – Lucie introduced me to body sugaring – wow!! so much better than wax, less pain and my skin was smooth as silk afterward – excellent service, recommended to anyone who wants beautiful hair free skin.
Chloe, Ascot, April 2012

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