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Why to choose sugaring

Sugaring or body sugar from Alexandria ProfessionalTM has a lot of benefits over body waxing!

Top 10 Reasons WHY!

1.  Sugaring Formulas are 100% natural.

There are no chemical additives, no wax resins as a “cheat add-in”, and no essential oils as adding oils has no value for sugaring to extract body hair. Also, we could not endorse that the sugar pastes are deliciously edible if there were additives that could cause adverse reactions to some individuals. Safe aesthetics in sugaring is a very fundamental factor at Alexandria Professional™.

2. Sugar Paste does not stick to live skin cells.

With the Alexandria technique, the sugar paste gently exfoliates only dead skin cells resulting in a much gentler sugaring even on delicate skin tissue areas like eyebrows and bikinis.

3. Advanced Sugaring Technique removes hair in natural direction of growth.

The Alexandria technique and sugar paste extracts the hair in its natural direction of growth and does so when the hair is still in the early growth stage. This eliminates breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs while exfoliating dry skin cells.

4.  Sugar Pastes are 100% water-soluble.

There is no risk of damage or staining clothes, and more importantly no damage to your skin. The Alexandria sugar paste is easily washed away after sugaring with lukewarm water. You will leave your sugaring treatments feeling clean and smooth… one less thing for you to worry or think about!

5. Advanced Sugar Paste will be massaged onto your skin by hand at lukewarm temperature.

No risk of burning your skin! This is where the sugaring magic begins to happen. When the sugar paste is massaged onto the skin, it allows the paste to seep into the follicles which in turn allows the body hair to “slide” out more comfortably for a complete extraction without body hair breakage. Side effect – some clients actually fall asleep during sugaring!

6. The Alexandria Sugar Paste is 100% hygienic.

Sugar paste is never re-used and always applied by wearing gloves on both hands. Sugar paste is always discarded after each client is treated. Alexandria Professional™ is always SAFE!

7. Alexandria Professional™ Pre & After Care System is very effective.

Pre-sugaring and after-sugaring care is essential to eliminate any chance of skin reaction from the actual extraction of body hair. But, that’s only one crucial factor. The other relevance to Pre & After Care is to eliminate skin irritation due to improper skin care before and after sugaring for body hair removal. All Alexandria products have been formulated, tried and tested, and proven extremely safe and effective. None of our products are tested on animals, only humans with very pleasing results. Just ask any Alexandria Professional™ client!

8. Success of Alexandria Professional™ is demonstrated on both genders of all ages, all skin colors and all body hair textures.

9. No need to shave between sugaring treatments and no need to let your hair grow!

The Alexandria technique requires only 1/16″ (2mm) or 7 day of hair growth for body treatments, eliminating the long wait between salon visits and customer frustration.

10. Alexandria Professional™ produces skin conscious products that are Paraben Free, Urea Free and No Petro Chemicals with 100% consistent quality.

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