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Body Sugaring for Intimate Body Parts

More and more ladies are opting to remove more and more body hair!  Intimate body sugaring involves hair removal from the pubic region and can start from having a bikini shape to complete hair removal.

For ladies with upcoming holidays, it is just one less thing to worry about and they can relax in their swimwear, feeling more confident. For many ladies, they feel cleaner and fresher. It is an entirely personal choice, but whatever level of hair removal you decide upon, we think body sugaring is the answer!

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Body sugaring is perfect for those intimate body areas for a number of reasons. The biggest bonus is that body sugaring is less painful than waxing, which is a particularly important factor when considering hair removal from sensitive areas of your body.

If you want to remove hair from intimate parts of your body, here are the main reasons you should consider body sugaring:

  • No ingrowing hairs as the sugar paste removes the hair in the natural direction of growth so there is no breakage or ingrowth.
  • No skin irritation as it is 100% natural (sugar, lemon and water). This also means you can go over an area as many times as required.
  • No risk of burning the skin, as the treatment is done at room temperature. This also means no scarring or bruising.
  • The sugar paste gently exfoliates only the dead skin cells and sticks to the hair to be removed, so the procedure is less painful compared to waxing.
  • The results last longer as the hairs are removed with the roots.
  • After 2-3 sessions, your hair will start to grow finer and weaker as the roots are removed, so you will notice a visible difference.

Really there is no contest! – We believe that body sugaring is the best way to remove hair from intimate body parts. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Now you can go and enjoy your Summer holidays with one less thing to worry


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